Sunday, December 05, 2004

BCC at a glance - membership and active players revised December 1.

We recently revised and updated the membership and activity lists: we have 133 members [including some multiple family and club memberships and honorary life members.]

In 2004 thus far, 326 different chess players have played in at least one of our events. Events include an evening of blitz, a one-day or two day tournament, 4 evenings of the TNS and Monday swiss, up to 9 or 10 round robins in the championship cycle.

"Everyday Ed" Lafferty is the most active member of the club - he played in 46 events. Second is our newest board member, NM Charles Riordan, wtih 39. Board member and TD Bernardo Iglesias was very active, of course, with 37 events. Board member Natasha Christiansen played in 35 tournaments; Chris Williams - 32; Tony DiNosse 31; and our President, FM Paul MacIntyre - 28.

Participation in events was down in November, but the overall trend is still increasing, since the move to Somerville and during the first and second half intervals of the year. However, the Thursday Night Swiss had been improving, both in number and strength of players, but now has been stalling.

You can review our profiles here.

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