Monday, December 27, 2004

Before it's too late

As we get older, we often become fodder for the youngsters on their way up the rating ranks. I've heard many a complaint about games lost to under-rated juniors. I, however, have generally taken a different view on this phenomenon. I choose to relish those times when I've caught these youngsters early in their development and showed them a lesson or two (or at least didn't lose).

I might have trouble today in a game against the likes of Noah Pang, but several years ago I schooled him in the Vienna. While I'm sure he has long since forgotten the game, I haven't! And then there was my only encounter with Josh Friedel back when he was a B-player. While I only managed a draw in a Ruy Lopez - Schliemann, what I remember most is that thanks to some strange last round pairings I managed to win the tournament a half-point ahead of him. It's these memories of small victories that keep us going as we grey.

What brought back these images today? This piece by Waddling Thunder on his long ago encounter with Hikaru Nakamura (unfortunately for him, not as pleasant a memory).

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