Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Four Musketeers

It's time again to check-in on the Knights Errant de la Maza:
the four musketeers
Don has posted several must-reads in the past couple of weeks. In particular, I would recommend his reprint of an interview with the Knights' spiritual guide Michael de la Maza and an absolutely hilarious transcript of his recent press conference.

In contrast, Sancho has been more focused on moving and other domestic concerns as of late; and Pale Dun, continuing to play competitive games during his training, shares his perspectives on how his "in-game" thinking is evolving.

That leaves us with the Orange Knight. His blog got off to a quick start, but then on December 6th he mentioned that he caught a cold and has not been heard from since. Until he re-emerges, I'm inclined to call him the "Lost Knight". Thus, we may have only three musketeers after all.

See also "Tilting at windmills".

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