Friday, January 14, 2005

Ever see a chess player eating between rounds?

The Globe and Mail's Russell Smith on how "the whole experience of going to movies is highly unpleasant":
How can people possibly enjoy the lining up, the waiting with coats on for tickets, then the shuffling with the heated herd toward a crowded, windowless room? And when you get to that butter-scented trough, with its seats piled high with coats and scarves, the representatives of humanity who surround you are anxious: They are focused on their feed. This focus is quite dramatic. Their eyes are glazed and dilated, their shoulders are hunched over their cartons, they are stuffing themselves with viscous oil products with orange cheeze whip on fried nachos, with yellow "topping," with gallon jugs of liquid sugar. They have the concentration of chess players, of athletes before contests, of the starving.
Nothing like the gourmet spread at the Herb Healy. (Hat Tip: The Adventures of Accordian Guy in the 21st Century)

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