Saturday, January 22, 2005

More Craigslist humor

I've been known to post an amusing item from Craigslist on occasion. At There's Pie in the Lunchroom, they found one that seems to have both tickled their fancy and incurred their disdain:

Effervescent Chess Coaches Needed

STAR Chess is hiring chess coaches for spring and summer. If you are sparkling personality with a passion for chess and you would like to teach kids the most fantastic game ever invented then this job is for you. Make no bones about it! We want teachers who can teach kids chess in a fun and exciting way. Effervescent chess professionals welcome! Working with kids from K-6 in the classroom and a basic understanding of the rules and tactics is a must. FBI background and health screening for TB will be required. We pay well so we expect only the best. Actors, singers and dancers welcome. If you have what it takes then reply to this ad. If you are not sure, try tax accounting. We hear the IRS is hiring.

Read their response here.

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