Saturday, January 15, 2005

While I'm away...

I'll be taking some R&R over the next week from work and blogging. Hopefully not too many of you will experience serious symptoms of miscellaneous chess bits withdrawal. But just in case, I've compiled a list of chess-related blogs which I do not currently link to in the sidebar.

Why not? Some are relatively new; some are probably abandoned; some I haven't found to be all that interesting (but that's just my opinion); some are probably pretty good, but I haven't spent enough time with them. Also, there are a few chess improvement blogs which may or may not choose to join the Knights Errant (some are clearly not on the road to La Maza).

Let me know what you think of any or all of these blogs. I'll "permanently" link to those you think are most worthwhile.

Renaissance Knights Town Crier

Chess Obsession

Blog do Xadrez


Bungalow Bill

Rakshasas - King Patzer! (moved to sidebar list 1/25/05)

Art Of Chess

The 64 Square Jungle

Chess Spectator

Rich Tong On Chess

32 Pieces Of My Mind

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