Friday, January 28, 2005

John Watson is a blogger!

No, not our John Watson.

I'm the sixth result at Google when you search for John Watson and the fourth when you search for "John Watson" (with quotes). The guys ahead of me are: the John Watson who invented the behaviorism branch of psychology and the John Watson who writes and reviews chess books.


I thought I might Google myself to see where DG the chessplayer ranks:
  • I'm not the Rabbi from Michigan or the comedian from Florida.

  • I'm not the Chairman of the Board of TelePacific (that would have been good!).

  • I'm not the real estate advisor from New York or the President of Amer Kefir Co., makers of a low-calorie product originally fermented from mare’s milk.

  • Ah, there I am on page 3 - DG the blogger.

  • I found my first chess reference on page 6 of the search results.

Why not Google yourself? Who aren't you?

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