Sunday, January 09, 2005

Live Blogging - Law & Order:CI

9:04 - No chess in the opening sequence before the credits, must still be doing the pairings.

9:14 - Still no chess. What kind of chess show is this anyway? So far I've seen playing cards and they've mentioned lottery tickets. Maybe they're working their way up to chess...

9:27 Goren: "This guy thinks the whole world is after him." In other words, he must think he is the King on the chessboard. OK, they still haven't mentioned chess yet, but I do have an agenda here.

9:31 Casinos, gambling, poker chips ... a paranoid traveling all over Asia.

9:34 Goren: "He likes to time make the right decisions quickly."

9:36 Blum: "It's their only move.... My risks, my moves, my deals."

9:38 Goren: "64 squares...chessboards have 64 squares... the guy with the visor was timing himself...chessplayers time themselves."

9:39 Eames: "...from chess prodigy to paranoid prodigy, that's why I stuck to checkers."

9:42 A paranoid GM, traveling around Asia, dropped out of the game 22 years ago, refused permission to play a match in Cuba, fugitive from the government, rails against US government - I guess they take this 'ripped from the headlines' concept seriously.

9:45 "When he became a GM he became so eccentric." "Not eccentric, mental illness." - Are there any GMs who don't exhibit at least some level of eccentricity?

9:48 Goren: "What's his next move?"

9:52 Nf3, g3, Bg2 - Eames: "The moves are from the King's Indian Attack. The opening David used to win the tournament when he was 12."

9:53 At a local scholastic tournament - Blum: "Protect your queen."

9:54 Goren: "Nice move clearing away from the kids."

9:55 Goren: "This was the key piece. You blundered when you killed Allison."

9:56 Blum holds a knife to his own throat. Goren: "Are you resigning?"

9:57 Goren: "Isn't it true GMs will only resign as a last resort?" [Obviously the writers are not familiar with Ivanchuck!] "You can still play for a draw."

9:58 Blum drops the knife. Goren: "That was the right move, David." Blum requests legal representation from the UN and begins to rail against the government as he is taken into custody. Eames: "Apparently he knows his next move."

See also "Who says there's no chess on television?".

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